About the Trust

The Trustees extend to each and every benefactor of the Memorial their gratitude for the generosity which resulted in this truly remarkable tribute being erected.

Scotland & the Sea

Scotland has an incredibly rich maritime history, predating even the Roman times. Read about this incredible history here.

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The Memorial

The Memorial stands in a unique location on The Shore in Leith and was sculpted by renowned artist, Jill Watson.

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If you'd like to fundraise to support the continuing work of the Trust, follow this link to find out how.

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Our Aims

The Merchant Navy Memorial Trust (Scotland) was founded in 2009 to commemorate the sacrifice by Scottish Merchant Navy personnel in the two World Wars, other previous and subsequent theatres of conflict and in peacetime service along the trading routes of the world.

It is also to record the 132 year history of nautical education at Leith Nautical College (1855-1987) and its training ship "Dolphin" (1944-1977).

It will assist in the understanding of elements of history and Scottish maritime affairs.

The Memorial in Leith is a timeless tribute to the service to Great Britain and its people by those Scottish Merchant Navy seafarers and fishermen who died and the many who do not have a known grave. It will honour the fallen, foster pride in the Country and be a focus now, and also for future generations, in Remembrance of those sacrifices. – "Lest we forget".

Scotland provided and still provides a disproportionately high number of seafarers for service and that role must not be lost from sight.

The monument is well mannered and respectful of its surroundings, reflecting the importance, dignity and solemnity of its purpose.